Professional Landscaping Services by Gardens of Grace LLC


We will have preliminary meetings which lead up to a custom drawn design that best suits your property and lifestyle.


This is the service provided to implement what the design intended. This can include lighting, trees, patios and more!

Parker Walkway

Maintenance & Mulching

We offer an aggressive, horticulturally accurate maintenance program, quarterly or monthly. A fresh mulching is typically done in the spring, which sets up for a beautiful summer and fall appearance.

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Wall building & Grading

We offer functional walls from a variety of excellent material choices. Grading can go hand in hand with a new wall, however sometimes grading by itself may be all that is necessary (water directing, lessen a harsh slope to become a more functional lawn).

Natural Stonework

For homeowners who prefer the natural look or even like to combine it with paver work within the same landscape. Natural stone can pull from the colors of your home or work in unison with a decorative gravel implemented at the same time.

Paver Patios

Whether you need a large patio built to host gatherings or a subtle pad to place your grill, we would be happy to take on the project.


Container Planting & Maintenance

Prepping for a big summer party or wanting that custom look for each season? We can take care of your container needs.

Turf Management

A service we like to offer our existing maintenance clients. We’ll keep those edges looking sharp, and have the applications performed at the appropriate times of the year.

Leaf Removal

The amount of leaves on the ground between October and the new year can be overwhelming. We have the labor and equipment to relieve you of those duties.

Snow Removal

Accumulating snow may not be extremely common for our region, but when applicable, we like to be part of the solution to keeping those sidewalks and driveways clear for residential areas.