Why We're Different

We work closely with clients to provide just the right environment for their patios and other outdoor spaces. Sometimes the services are for a specific party or event. Other times, we help the homeowner plan for an inviting setting to meet with family and friends, or alone time with coffee and a book. We create spaces for people to relax and entertain.


Yes, I'm watering like mad!  Everything looks great!  We are the envy of the neighborhood.  We love it! See you in July.

-Shirley D.

Dear Rita,

Thank you for all your help.  It has been exciting to have the start of the landscaping done.  Isn't God's beautiful creation incomprehensible?  He gives us glimpses of Heaven!  Thanks.

-Nancy T.

Dear Rita,

The fall has been beautiful; the garden continues to amaze me.  I am looking forward to spring.  You are truly a landscape artist.  I love your ideas.

-Susan S.

Hi Rita,

The flower boxes look gorgeous!!!  We can't believe how much they've grown!  I've wondered if I should trim them back.  They are spectacular.  We love them!

-Ann C


Our Services

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and mulching
  • Wall building and grading
  • Natural stonework
  • Paver patios
  • Container planting and maintenance
  • Turf management
  • Leaf removal
  • Snow removal
  • Ponds and waterfalls

Gardens of Grace provides the St. Louis area with a broad-range of Landscaping Services.